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18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio

18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio

Personal Injury Attorneys Fighting for Your Rights

Cara bin Shaw was founded almost 28 years ago to fight for the legal rights of victims of bus accidents, truck accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, motorcycle accidents, job site accidents, and other tragedies. Our services are then available in San Antonio and throughout Texas. With over 200 years of combined expertise in personal injury law and a dedication to a superior position of indulgence, our attorneys have won hundreds of personal injury and wrongful death cases. We are solely dedicated to fighting for the rights of those who have been wounded or died in accidents. We fight for deaths against insurance companies and negligent parties.

18-wheeler accident lawyer in San Antonio


Our attorneys are primarily based in San Antonio, with branch offices located across Texas. We work hard not just to win your case, but also to keep our clients informed and involved throughout the process. Our company collaborates with the most fashionable and brilliant croaks and medical specialists in the medical field, and we can refer our clients to them so that they may receive the most fashionable and practical therapy for their specific ailments. We provide free consultations to anybody in need of legitimate counsel, and if we are unable to assist an implied frequenter, we will make every effort to find someone who can. Carbine Shaw vigorously represents the families of those killed in bus accidents, transportation accidents, 18-wheeler accidents, industrial accidents, wrongful deaths, and other injuries.

Our legal system has long recognized that those who have been harmed and their loved ones confront difficult and numerous difficulties following an accident, outside of the legal procedure. This adds to the stress of the situation and might have an impact on the healing process following any event. We also recognize that redundant difficulties in hankering to work situations might aid the consumer even more. With years of expertise and a thorough awareness of the problems that might arise after a catastrophic accident, we stand ready to assist our visitors in detecting results to the expostulations and hurdles that can arise following a serious accident. For example, if our customer does not have health insurance, we might look for ways to acquire surgical funding.

If our client is unable to work due to an accident or injury, we can attempt to identify the customer’s need for financial support while the case is pending.    In addition, if you ever want to meet with the proprietor of the Law firm, Mr. Jamie Shaw, all you have to do is inquire. While some other attorneys refuse to meet with their visitors until the end of the case, if at all, the Carabin Shaw Law Firm is different. However, if you want to bandy your case or have questions regarding your case, exactly inquire to meet with the Author of the Law Firm, at any time.

Auto Accidents

In Texas, all drivers and vehicles are required to carry auto insurance. The goal of bus insurance is to compensate for any losses, including, but not limited to, past and future medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional agony, lost income, property damages, and more. If you or a loved one is harmed in a major bus accident, you will need the assistance of an experienced bus accident attorney.  Standard bus accidents occur as a result of agitated motorists, motorists who fail to yield at corners, motorists who textbook while driving, motorists who become enraptured behind the spin, motorists who fall asleep behind the spin, and those who fail to consider rainfall conditions.

Trucking Accidents

Due to the size and load of large exchanges and 18-wheelers, trucking accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries to anyone driving or traveling in lower passenger instrumentation. In many situations, these concussions are the result of a commuting motorist’s carelessness or recklessness. Our San Antonio personal injury lawyers can help you hold a negligent truck driver accountable for the accident. Truck drivers must not only respect traffic laws but also particular restrictions issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and Texas nonsupervisory agencies. In rare situations, a commuter motorist can be held reckless per se (careless as a matter of law) if they violate a restriction.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to significant injuries in the event of an accident. Unfortunately, many bus and exchange drivers are unaware that motorcyclists have the same rights and privileges as drivers of bigger vehicles on the road. If another motorist struck you while you were riding your motorbike, you should consult with one of our San Antonio personal injury lawyers.  To reduce the value of a lawsuit, insurers usually try to identify ways in which an accident was caused by a motorcycle. Our motorcycle accident attorneys understand how to fight back against these charges and ensure that in commodity remains where it belongs.

Accidents involving commercial and company vehicles

If you are hurt by a corporate agent, you may be entitled to collect damages from the employer of the driver and/or the proprietor of the agent if you are a marketable agent. Whether or whether the firm behaved negligently, an employer or the proprietor of the company agent can be held accountable for the motorist’s or the hand’s carelessness in the course and compass of work.

A trucking firm has particular responsibilities to individuals on the road and can be held personally accountable for carelessness. For example, a trucking business should do ground checks on its drivers and review their logbooks regularly to ensure that they are correct and represent adherence to standards. When a failure to act results in injury to others on the road, our skilled Truck Accident Attorneys can assist you in filing a claim against the corporation for negligent hiring, negligent training, or negligent supervision.





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