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Arricam LT

Arricam LT

The Arricam LT is ideal for sound use sync the Arricam Lite has a camera that is small in size and attached with freedom of operating which is essential.

Kit includes Arricam LT

  • The camera body of the Arricam
  • The viewfinder system is an Arricam kite Metamorphic
  • Its color is Video assists IVS is Arricam lite
  • The magazine should be 3 x 400
  • Carrying Handle
  • Zoom Studio Viewfinder Extension
  • Arri Eyepiece Leveler EL – 3
  • Arri Framegloe Module
  • Arri Heated Eye cup
  • Lite Adaptor to Magazine Arri Studio
  • The speed control box on the Arri studio
  • Manual control box to the lite adaptor in the Arri studio
  • Sp litter Box if CAC
  • Short and the Long CAC cable
  • Work light in the arri studio
  • Arri BP – 5 Plate bridge
  • Compliment 24 V battery

Technical Arricam LT

  • Perfect movement of 3 or 4
  • 0 to 180 Mirror Shutter degrees adjustable electronically
  • Forward speed 1 – 48 fps
  • Reverse speed 1 – 32 fps
  • Variable Shutter in Shot 11.2 – 180 degrees
  • LDS lenses for the Contacts
  • Magazine ST is used to LT will run in reverse












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