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decora fashion

decora fashion



Decora fashion is a road phraseology that has come to almost define Harajuku. This phraseology would be obvious to a reasonable individual from a distance! Decora fashion is a riot of color and adornments. It personifies the exuberant energy of Harajuku. The genesis story of this phraseology is a little complicated and full of paradoxes. Continue reading to learn about the alleged origins of Decora fashion.   Decora, derived from the term “embellishment,” is a diverse, sporty phraseology that first developed on Harajuku’s main thoroughfares in the late 1990s. The appendages are the most noticeable feature of any Decora face, whether they are a cornucopia of 100-year-old bazaar hair clips or bracelets that go all the way up your arms.

decora fashion


True maquillage is far too simple for Decora, thus stickers and pebbles are used to accentuate the face. The ensembles are typically made up of handcrafted clothing details, but if you were to associate the phraseology with any companies, it would undoubtedly be Super suckers and, of course, 6DOKIDOKI.


6DOKIDOKI, invented by Sebastian Masuda in 1995, has become a fashion and horticulture powerhouse in Harajuku. If you’re familiar with Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, you might notice that Sebastian Masuda was the innovative manager and hairstylist behind her megahit single PONPONPON’s music videos. It may appear like 6DOKIDOKI has always been the source for bizarre, out-of-this-world clothing, yet this was not always the case when the bazaar first opened. He started the market with the idea of selling his and his musketeers’ artwork, but when that endeavor went through, he completely altered course.


He began to sell quirky clothing and other unique details that young Tokyoites later integrated into their wardrobes. Toys, lists, and even draperies were transformed into appendages and reinvented as fashion. According to Masuda, this was the start of Decora. Masuda began developing appendages to meet the phraseology demands of the Decora teenagers after noticing the phraseology’s rise in fashionability.


Simultaneously with the possibility of 6DOKIDOKI, television personality, and singer Tomoe Shinohara was making waves as a phraseology star. Her phraseology is generally cited as a key influence on Decora fashion, and Sebastian himself claims she was a driving force behind the success of Decora fashion. Her friends made fun of her phrasing and became known as ” Shinorers “. Like Shinohara, they commonly wore out clothing typically worn out by middle or abecedarian academy students, as well as her hand bunny chapeau and lacings. But it wasn’t only her phraseology that was criticized. Her childish demeanor and voice were contagious. Despite their originators’ claims that the styles are not similar, Shinorer and Decora fashions are sometimes used interchangeably.


According to Shinohara, Shinorer’s phraseology makes use of numerous primaries, whereas Decora is more concerned with cyber and fluorescent colors. Decora has developed to carry a variety of colors, yet it always remains loyal to its colorful artistic fountainheads.


Shoichi Aoki, who founded Fates Storage in 1997, is credited with bringing Decora Fashion to the attention of the general public. While looking for stylish young people wearing distinctive clothing in Harajuku to photograph, he came upon Aki Kobayashi, who he highlighted on the cover of the first conclusion. She described how she handcrafted her limbs, which encouraged many who read the storage. The Decora movement exploded onto the highways a few years later, in 1998. The publishing of destinies in English by Phaidon Press elevated it to international prominence, particularly in the early 2000s. An early conclusion of Destiny included a graphic explaining each component of a Decora costume in detail, from how to subcaste vests over t-shirts.


There’s an increase in a new strain of Decora suckers, generated by young maids who have said, “I want to break Decora.” This photograph depicts what Decora’s fashion looked like at the time. It had quickly grown from what it was in 1998 to a stand-alone, sit-out phraseology! Shoichi Aoki is convinced that Shinorers and Decora are not the same, despite Masuda and Shinohara’s assertions concerning Decora and Shinorer phraseology overlapping.


Decora’s fashionability has declined in Harajuku since its peak in the 1990s. However, the internet and global community have ensured that the phraseology lives on. In recent times, Harajuku has seen a Neo Decora fashion revival.  Although we do not know all of the details, the phraseology did not appear out of nowhere. As with many styles, there were overlapping inspirations, and so Decora was formed!


Style Basics of Decora fashion


Decora is a playful and childlike phraseology. It features a smaller figure and focuses more on the utilization of appendages, topics, and color techniques.


Color Scheme of Decora fashion


The Decora phraseology is widely recognized for its use of vibrant colors.  Pink and dirty tones, as well as aquarelles, are quite popular. Neon hues are also heavily used. Colors are often used in cornucopias, with multi-colored or rainbow themes being common.


Clothes of Decora fashion


Decora’s clothing is less essential than its colors and themes, however, there are certain prominent clothing details within the phraseology.   Decora is influenced by 1980s cartoon characters as well as the look of 1980s shows and themes. Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty, Care Bears, Pokemon, and The Smurfs are all popular Decora clothing themes. T-shirts or hoodies featuring these motifs are commonly worn.   Tutu fringes, legwarmers, armwarmers, and knee-high socks are also fashionable in phraseology.   Decora usually uses a range of textures inside one costume to supplement the various phraseology.


Accessories of Decora fashion


Appendages are essential in a decora costume, and they are what set it apart from other designs. The first guideline is to have as many appendages as possible. There is no such thing as too many appendages in Decora!  Appendages should be cunning as well as numerous.











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