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Dimage camera

Dimage camera

Minolta Dimage camera  7, 7i, 7hi is a pro summer series viewfinder line of digital electronic cameras from the Minolta. These are called bridge digital cameras. The capturing image is capable in the range of 5 megapixels Dimage camera.

The Minolta Dimage 7 was made public is 11 February 2001. uses the line is 2588 x 1960 pixel sensor combined with an attached permanent optics is 28-200 mm (35 mm identical) f/2. 8W-f/3.5T lens zoom with a macro button. (16 parts in 13 groups, involving two spherical parts and two AD parts of glass)

The Minolta Dimage camera 7/7i.7hi cameras series with four powered AA batteries, which eject speedily: the Dimage 7 camera series replaced was by Dimage by the Dimage A1 in July 2003.

Dimage camera

Manufacturer Overview Image camera

The Minolta is a traditional corporation of long experience camera manufacture, They can make be slow but the digital marketplace is into the calculated entry. Its popular line of cameras is 35 mm SLR, The maximum series, The Minolta Dimage camera has grown a reputation for inventive technology in the metering of light, control of the subjection, and the system of autofocus. The camera lenses are particularly high praise received have their optical classification.

The last year is 2001, The Minolta Dimage digital camera high-end up in the presumed market, and everyone else beat the punch with the first five mega pixel digital camera. It’s just some five models megapixels either, but the Dimage 7, an is designed electronic SLR camera with a high-quality remarkable 7X optically zoom lens an advanced host of control image functions, and all the latest electronic viewfinder and the using electric LCD technology for the imposing performance of low light.

Highlights Dimage camera

  • Its true megapixel is 5.0 CCD transport resolution as high as 2,560 x 1,920 pixels.
  • A/D conversion 12-Bit
  • The Digital electronic hyperviewfinder with 90-degree variable position.
  • TFT color LCD monitor, 1.8 inches.
  • 2-50.8 mm lens (identical to a 28-200 mm lens on a 35 mm camera) with a maximum slots of f/2.8 to f/3.5, depending the setting on the zoom.
  • 2X digital zoom.
  • Manual and Autofocus.
  • Macro option at the wide-angle zoom setting and the maximum telephoto.
  • Shutter priority, Program AE, Manual, Aperture priority, and the subject programs of shooting modes.
  • The shutter speeds from 1/2,000 to 15 seconds, with the setting for bulb longer exposures (up to 30 seconds), up to 1/4,000 under certain conditions.
  • Multi-segment and 300-segment Center-Weighted, with lock function of AE, and Spot metering option.
  • Adjustable five settings with ISO.
  • A dual-mode flash with a system of metering, and adjustable intensity manually.
  • The External flash of hot shoes for accessories for Minolta flash units.
  • The latest flash external sync terminal.
  • The Minolta built-in support for the wireless system TTL flash exposure is certain with flashes of Minolta.
  • The shooting is high speed and ultra-high-speed shooting continues, such as night movie shooting, Interval, Movies, and any movie shooting modes Dimage camera.

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