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gen z style

gen z style

11 Fashion Trends That Generation Z Can’t Live Without



Gen Z style has done it once more. Fashion has been given a cool factor that millennials could never have imagined. No offense to earlier eras of fashion, but the world is noticing that 2000s infants like myself are sort of ratty.    However, if you keep up with the most recent 2023 fashion trends, you might have seen some curveballs (hot takes, perhaps?).  display A) Long socks. Therefore, no-show socks became popular in the previous ten years.  Low-rise jeans are seen in Exhibition B. While Gen Zers like Zendaya and Emma Chamberlain are wearing them out less and baggier than before without feeling guilty, millennials burnt every last brace they had about 2015.


The Divisional Merchandise Manager at PacSun, Abbie Hutzler, tells StyleCaster about another “dantier” trend she’s seen. There has been a significant change in cover attire. Hutzler talks about specifics like trophies making significant comebacks, which is exactly what we predicted for summer 2023 fashion trends.   I must admit that being on the older end of Gen Z by my 1999 birth is not my favorite marker. But since the Y2K kids know how to dress, I have to give it to them. And after spending many hours exploring — who am I kidding, I’ve spent weeks simply scrolling through Gen Z fashion TikToks.

gen z style

Gen z style Peeking Panties

Because everyone wears underwear, why not flaunt them? Prizefighters, missions, and thongs are being baptized under films, with a point or two peeking over the belly for an attached visible sub caste.


Gen Z-style Tinted Sunglasses

Tinted sunglasses add an unnecessary proportion to any face and expose Gen Z’s huge side-eye. On cloudy days when there is no sun, you can still wear them because know-through tinted lenses are there for fashion more than function.


Gen Z style Hair Bows

Gen Z should create a book about 101 different ways to wear a hair bow. I honestly can’t keep up with how stylish they’re styling them. Classic styles include but are not limited to, a single bow wrapped around a ponytail and twisted into French braids. Do you believe Dolly Parton would agree with the phrase “the higher the bows, the closer to God?”


Gen Z style Elongated Torsos

Redundant elevation of cloth to prolong the waist is a style that is all over my TikTok right now, especially as we approach autumn fashion. “Gen Z has done crop covers for the last five to six times, and we ‘re starting to know those longer lengths that were from the ’90s and 2000s come ago into play,” said Hutzler.


Gen Z style Electric Colors

If a Gen Zer and a millennial strolled into a pub, the millennial would be wearing pants and a black shirt. On the other hand, the Gen Zer would most likely wear an electric-multicolored shirt with featured trousers. A pattern may almost always be put up in the mix as well. This generation of fashion heroes isn’t crazy enough to wear hues that draw all the attention in the room.


Gen z style Crocs

CrocsCrocsI’m going to call it now. Crocs’ EOY report for 2023 will feature story-breaking offers, due to GenZ. Though the rubber shoes have been around for what seems like an eternity, their Mega Crush Sandal became popular on TikTok during the summer and sold out in months. Remember that Crocs aren’t complete without Jibbitz, and Gen Z eats that stuff over.

Gen z style Graphic Tees

Smiley cacti, footing cherries, and a cactus sucking an ice pop. Gen Z is obsessed with graphic shirts that make perfect logic yet make no sense at all. Hutzler sees this tendency developing slowly but persistently. “The delightful graphic rudiments from the ’90s and 2000s, like what the maids are chancing in the providence stores, I love that delightful graphic play on tees, tanks, and sleeves,” she goes on to explain.

Gen Z style Beaded Jewelry

Consider Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour fellowship irons or Hailey Bieber’s multicolored circular choker. When it comes to jewelry, Gen Z likes rounded numbers that seem like they were fashioned at a sleepover by you and your ladyloves. Charms, necklaces, and humorous aphorisms can be worn stacked or separately.

Gen Z style Rough Around The Edges

If there’s one thing you might have predicted from this list, it’s that Gen Z loves a different-favored number.  Almost all of their outfits will have at least one number that was thrifted in person, from an apparel exchange, purchased on a resale app, or given down from their grandmother.

Gen Z style Athleisure

This generation understands how to flaunt themselves up to the function canny. Gen Z appreciates clothing for comfort, whether it’s dressing up a silk sleep one-piece as a daytime jumpsuit or putting twists on pure athleisure to pass as work casual. And, sure, they still like a matching sweatsuit set.

Gen Z style Mini Skirts

This age has always found out how to make little fringes even more small. I’ve never had the guts to break one (because how the hell are you meant to sit down? ), but micro fringes are all over my For You runner on TikTok and, of course, they sit below the stomach.

Showing Some Skin

I call this a face belt, but it is most likely not the correct term for this trend. Unlike millennials, Gen Z does not think twice about flaunting their faces between their covers and waists. Running errands, getting refreshments, and especially in the department (a millennial’s public anguish)






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