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How Often to Water Peace Lily?

How Often to Water Peace Lily?

Peace Lily

Peace Lily grows in the rainforest conditions area which is in native Columbia where it is adapted to grow in the moist soil along with high levels of humidity. It can grow faster in bright indirect light as it is a tropical plant. This factor is very important to note about water peace lily, read the whole post to get information.

Peace lilies require consistent moisture so they are very susceptible to growing in our home with dryer air and underwatering. If you overwater peace lilies then these plants can also wilt and turn yellow. Also, they turn yellow if the roots are sitting in the stagnant water. It is very important to replicate the watering conditions of its native environment if you want to grow the peace lilies in your home.

Important Peace Lily Watering Tips

Peace lilies require warm conditions as it is tropical plants. As compared to the tap water in your home the rain in its native Columbia is typically much warmer. Remember, peace lilies are very sensitive to low temperatures, they can suffer some mild shocks when it is watered with cold water.

  • Leave the water in its container till it reaches an approximate room temperature before watering which is the best practice.
  • The peace lilies are very sensitive to the chlorine and fluoride that turns the tips of the leaves to turn brown and crispy. Before watering your peace lily the chlorine evaporates if the water is left out overnight.
  • Fluoride can har your peace lily. So, use filtered water or rainwater that can mitigate such effects.

Important Peace Lily Watering Tips


Peace lilies can grow quickly in bright and indirect light. Perfectly, they can bring life to a dark room or corner when placed. Do not allow prolonged exposure to the bright sunlight which may burn & scorch their leave, and dry out the peaceful lily’s flowers.


Peace lilies require perfect temperature, it does not need any particular humidity.


Peace lilies may suffer if subjected to temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius. However, peace lily does not need any particular temperature.


Use general house plant fertilizer to feed your peace lily in every 2 months during the spring season (growing season as well).


Peace lilies are toxic to children and pets, so not place them in playing areas.

Additional Care

Give your plant a thorough watering if you find your peace lily drooping. After 10-12 hours you will note that peace lilies recovering.

Trouble Shooting

  • Brown or yellow leaves mean that your peace lilies have been exposed to too much light or direct light.
  • Drooping leaves of the peace lily described that your peace lily has been under-watered.

How Often to Water Peace Lily in Winter?

Note that the peace lilies do not go dormant in the winter. So, it can actively grow all year round. Winter does not affect the growth of peace lilies because of the reduced hours of light and intensity of light. Remember, the water demand can be lower as evaporation and water loss from the leaves are reduced in winter.

Just check the top soil of your plant to monitor the moisture and increase the amount of water if your peace lily drying out quickly.

How Much to Water Peace Lily?

This point is very essential to know how much to water peace lily. Note that there may be a different variation that can affect how often to water peace lily but you should remain the same in case of how much to water.

Along with the generous soak water peace lilies so that the excess water trickles out the base of the pot. This process helps to ensure that water has infiltrated the soil. Note that the soil must remain evenly moist.

  • Good root development is based on generous watering.
  • The rest of the peace lily’s potting soil remains relatively dry which causes the peace lilies to droop.
  • The conditions of the peace lilies in their native environment are best for their growth which is a good soaking of the soil.

Water-Soluble Plant Fertilizer for Peace Lilies

On the regular basis, the water-soluble plant fertilizer can be added to your watering routine. During the warmer months within 2 weeks add a diluted amount of high-quality organic plant fertilizer. From spring to autumn water peace lilies with standard liquid fertilizers. The plant will not have a definite rest period and both in watering and fertilizing during warm conditions.

Natural Soil Moisture Habitat of Peace Lily

Generally, where the peace lilies grow wild the soil moisture is quite high not too cold. Commonly, the peace lilies grow near bands of ponds of water and streams. Such an environment is warm and humid under the canopy of the tropical rainforest.

Does Peace Lily need lots of Water?

Every plant loves water, but a healthy peace lily has high air humidity with the constant soil moisture not too much water that causes its leaves to turn yellow.

The wet and warm environment of the rainforest is the best match for peace lilies to grow. In the continuously moist environment, they have adapted to survive so long the fresh oxygen is available to the roots. You must have to choose the fast-draining soil for the peaceful lily houseplants.

Do Peace Lilies need to dry out between Watering?

Peace Lilies do not need to dry out between watering which is contrary to the popular belief. Peace lilies are among those plants that do not require water on the ends of the rain. Many gardeners prefer soil mixed half with the orchid soil for the proper growth of peace lilies. The orchid soil generates a porous growing medium that can be used to drain plants quickly. It is leaving a soil matrix that damps but also has air pockets.

Key Points for Peace Lilies

  • Water the peace lily once a week that keeps the plant hydrated. To increase the humidity must mist the leaves with water to increase humidity to prevent the peace lily from drying out.
  • Using the drainage holes in the base plants the peace lilies in the pot to access water to drain freely.
  • Increase the humidity by increasing the humidity and emulate the conditions of the peace lilies that are native rainforest environment of such plants.

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