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Phantom T4040

Phantom T4040

Phantom T4040 which received the 4mpx resolution pics. The speed previously is not possible. Our sensor of the backside with proprietary illuminated construction of (BSI) ensures 40Gpx/s data. It’s put through is max frame rate of sustained and 440,000 fps. A full Efficiency Quantum rating of more than 90% makes certain the sensor’s capacity to take captive images at lower light levels.

Phantom T4040 4 Mpx resolution is traditionally significant and offers benefits over 1Mpx high speed for subject cameras’ detail of high level or objects across the largest movement field of view. Visualization flow including techniques including the velocimetry particle image. They are improved due to the rendition of precise size location and shape. The images of digital correlation benefit also from the increasing resolution to collect more by allowing research data over a larger surface area.

The phantom camera is 9.27 Pxl camera size and is well suitable for subjects that require high amplification from the study of biomechanical insect wing study movement to high-tech world development of microchips.

The T-series compact camera lens body offers a mount option that easily to the sense optics.

The phantom T4040 includes ERD. ERD stands for (Extreme Dynamic Range). The T4040 camera provides the mitigation for the bright flashes by adjusting the dynamic exposure in the area of saturation of the images.

It also on the camera controls video inputs and outputs and Cine Mag capability. Which are the necessary features for the remote operation standalone?

Phantom T4040

Short Description Phantom T4040

  • The Phantom camera T4040 captures the 9,350 FPS at the full Mpx resolution and features of the series family of the T
  • Accumulate mode attached PXL for frame rates of high with the highest resolution of the 1280 x 832.

Throughput/Speed Phantom T4040

  • 8 Gpx/second
  • Its standard mode is the highest speed:
  1. 2560 x 1664 9,350 FPS (of full resolution)
  2. 2560 x 32 444,440 FPS
  • Binned mode are max speeds:
  1. 1280 x 832   37,200 FPS (full resolution)
  2. 128 x 64   444,440 FPS
  • Minimum Frame rate is 100 FPS

 Sensor Specification Phantom T4040


  • CMOS Back side is illuminated _BSI) Sensor
  • 2560 x 1664 PXLs
  • 27PXLs size, 18.54 um with accumulate enabled
  • 7 mmx15.4 mm; 28.2mm crosswise
  • 12-bit depth
  • Car in 512 x 32 increments,

256 x 64 in accumulate modes

  • EMVA 1288 measurements at 532nm
  • Standard Mode:
  1. Quantum Efficiency: 85.4% mono; 71% color
  2. SNR: 39.9 dB
  3. AST (p) 28.4 mono; 37.1 color
  4. Saturation Capacity (e-) : 9730 mono; 11733
  5. Temporal Dark Noise: 23.7 e-
  6. Dynamic Range: 52.0 dB
  • Accumulate Mode:
  1. Quantum Efficiency: 82.4%
  2. SNR: 45.4 dB
  3. AST (p) 76.2
  4. Saturation Capacity (e-): 34684
  5. Temporal Dark Noise: 62.2 e-]
  6. Dynamic Range: 54.8dB

Accumulate Mode is Mono Output Only

Exposure Phantom T4040

  • 1  minimum standard exposure, 250 ns FAST option with minimum exposure (export controlled)
  • Global electronic shutter
  • (EDR) Stand for Extreme Dynamic Range
  • Auto Exposure
  • Exposure index (E.I.) for controlling apparent ISO
  • Shutter-off mode for the PIV

Memory Phantom T4040

  • 64GB, 128GB, 256GB, high-speed internal memory RAM.
  • Up to the 63 memory partitions.
  • CineMag 5 for non-volatile storage.

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